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Master Chief Walter ‘Hutch’ Rosen
Chief of the Boat


‘Hutch’ is 50; a Navy man all of his life. He is compactly built, 5’10”, steely grey hair, in a crew cut. He has a face that has been accused of  ‘stopping a clock’, one that wears the look of many fights and other ‘activities.

He retired from active service two years ago, trying his hand at several jobs, government related, but while he did them well, he found he wasn’t happy in his work, and he missed the service. He had heard thru a service friend that that Nelson Institute was hiring, specifically looking for service and service related men and women, and on a dare from his friend, sent off a resume. No one was more surprised than Hutch when a certified letter arrived, with a plane ticket, asking him to come to Santa Barbara for an interview. He immediately called his buddy, who had been refused by the Institute, to tell him of his good luck. One way or another, Hutch was going to do the best he could to get any job on the grounds of the Nelson Institute.

When he arrived in Santa Barbara, he was immediately taken to a large conference room and was met by the largest number of brass than he had seen in more years than he could count. Admiral Lee Crane, Captain Chip Morton, Captain Matty Weaver, Captain Robert Crane, Captain Sean Nelson, and Commander Alex Morton were seated at a conference table, waiting. He had been ushered in, greeted, and seated before he realized what was happening to him. For the next four hours he was questioned and interviewed by the group, the end of the meeting being that he was offered the job of the Chief of the boat of the S.S.R.N. Nelson. He was escorted to a near by row of cabins, and given all he would need to spend the night, several nights if he wanted.

He had collapsed into a chair with his good fortune, and when the reality of the moment settled in, he took a look at the pile of paperwork left for him to peruse, if he needed to know more before accepting the position. He knew it was the job of a lifetime, and while he didn’t want to seem too anxious, less than a hour after he had been established in the guest cottage, he called Lee Crane to tell him he would be taking the job.

Less than an hour later, there was a knock on the cottage door, and a very elegant woman stood, waiting to be invited to enter. She was in her seventies, classically dressed, and had a small smile on her face.

Karen Davis Nelson, CEO of the Institute, had come to call on the new COB of the Nelson. She stayed late into the night, talking to Hutch, and in essence welcoming him aboard.

The next day, a car arrived for him and he began his tenure on the Nelson in such a way as he had never imagined.

‘Hutch’ was born on the North side of Chicago, near Lincoln Square, an ethnically diverse area of the city. The fourth son of nine children. His father Isaac, owned and operated a Kosher Deli, and ‘Hutch’ and his siblings all worked in the shop. From an early age, he swept the store before school, and after school, delivered groceries on his bike.

His father was deeply religious, and while at home, ‘Hutch’ respected his father’s beliefs, and followed the dictates of his father. Once out of the house, he disregarded the faith for many years.

He enlisted in the Navy at seventeen, just out of high school, and for the next few years, spent his service tenure with munitions and nuclear weaponry.  Taking all possible courses in his free time, he managed to his surprise, as well as others to get a BS in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in nuclear science. Once he obtained his degree, his promotions came with increasing speed, the only problems he had coming with several ‘altercations’ regarding his ethnicity. He was dropped in rank twice, and had to work twice as hard to overcome the prejudice that his defense of his origins brought him.

He retired a 40-year man, with the rank of Master Chief, his specialty over the years nuclear weapons, on boats. He held a Masters degree in nuclear science, one thing he kept from general knowledge to his subordinates.  He was know as a fair superior, and he had a habit of seeing the best in his men, in spite of what their records may indicate.  He was known for not asking his men to do anything he wouldn’t do himself, including those tasks considered dangerous ones.

He is a Master Diver, he holds several advanced degrees in the engineering fields and is a caring and compassionate, if somewhat crusty and bluff person. He is the perfect person for COB of the Nelson.

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