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Cathy Mavreen Connors Crane
USN, Reserve
Exec. Assistant to Harriman Nelson


Cathy Connors was born in Indiana, to Major Francis Xavier Connors and Mary Margaret O’Neill. She was the youngest of five children and the only girl. Unfortunately for Cathy, her mother passed away when she was born, leaving the infant in the care of her father and brothers.  She was seven years younger then her next sibling, so she was raised in a household full of men.


Her rearing served her well. in one sense. It quickly made her self-sufficient, determined, and strong. Physically, she was a petite woman, but she had a determined nature. She had a head of curly brown hair, fiery green eyes and it was her eyes that seemed to attract people to her. She often said she was ordinary in looks, but her personality made up for any “Ordinary-ness.”


She left home after she graduated from High School and attended Junior College, earning her Associate of Arts Degree in Office Management.  She then went to work for a large corporation, and found, quickly, that she didn’t like the corporate world. She finally opted for entering the Military.


She chose the Navy, so that she could be as far from her father’s haunts as she could possibly get.  If the truth were known, she actually had a strong dislike for the Army and Army ways. She had also been intrigued and impressed by one of her father’s long-time friends, Admiral Harriman Nelson. Cathy had met Nelson and gotten to know him slightly, over several of the Army-Navy game weekends, that the two men had attended together over the years. Cathy often went with them, partially because of her age and partially due to the fact that her father had no one to leave her with.  As a young child, she had come to respect and admire Nelson and his vision, something that he often shared with Frank Connors, before and after the legendary football games.


She entered the Navy as an ensign and was quickly assigned clerical duties, something commonly done at that time. Yet, because of her innate ability to organize and run an office, she quickly rose in both rank and responsibility, coming to head the office of Ship’s Stores at the Norfolk Naval Station.


It was at Norfolk that she renewed her acquaintance with Harriman Nelson. The Admiral was spending a lot of his time at the base, preparing for his retirement and beginning the steps to build his Institute, and the boat that he dreamed of. Along the way, he caught Cathy up in that dream. When Nelson realized that he needed an efficient and organized person to run his offices and other things, he tapped Cathy Connors for the position, and brought her to the new Institute, reserve status and all.


Cathy took on the fledgling organization with a gusto, organizing and reorganizing the offices and staff to her liking, and Nelson’s absolute pleasure. She was a plank owner of the Seaview, her status as Director of Ship’s Stores making her  the only land-based crew member.


Years later, after Seaview was built, Captain John Philips, the boat's captain, was murdered, in an attempt on Admiral Nelson's life.  He was well loved and his death was a shock to all at the Institute.  A replacement for an upcoming mission was necessary, and the entire staff and crew was prepared not to like whoever was brought in to replace him, Cathy among the most vocal in that group.  Then, Lee Crane appeared on the scene to captain the boat, and the attitude of all but a few rapidly changed. Even Cathy had to give the boat’s new Captain her grudging respect. The man always did the right thing, often to his own detriment, and physical danger.  By some, though, he was thought of as stubborn, unbending, and at times, downright insensitive.


However, things began to change after one particularly horrific incident, where Lee Crane was deliberately blinded by Dr. Gamma.  For a long time, it was thought that Crane would be blind for the rest of his life, and the Institute family rallied round the boat’s Captain in order to help him adapt to his new life, without the Seaview.   Through an accident of fate, or simple good fortune, Crane’s sight returned and the friendship that he and Cathy had begun, blossomed into a romance. Not that the path to the altar was smooth sailing, however.


At one point, Cathy broke off her relationship with Crane (due to his 'inability' to commit) and became engaged to one Lt. Cdr. Fred Roberts.  Roberts had been assigned to the temporary command staff of the Seaview, but was, in reality, a mole, placed there by the First American Militia (FAM).  After the incident,  in which Roberts nearly succeeded in taking the boat, Nelson, and Crane, and turning them over to his companions,  Cathy found her way back to Crane (who finally saw the light) and the two of them were finally married.


A year after the wedding, their son, Robert Charles Harriman Crane, was born. Eighteen months later, Cathy Connors Crane died, as the result of a plot by the People’s Republic, to prevent Lee Crane from doing a retrieval of a high ranking political individual, who was defecting to the United States.  Cathy Connors Crane was mourned by all who knew her, in and outside the Institute, and Lee Crane, devastated by her death, withdrew into a deep shell, that took several years for him to recover from.

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