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Commander Janece Young
USN (ret.), USNR active, CMO, SSRN Nelson

Commander Janece Young, 48, was born in the Margaret Hague Hospital,  Jersey City, New Jersey, the only child of Chief Petty Officer Peter and Mary Young.  Her father had been stationed at the Bayonne Naval Shipyard and upon retirement, moved to Jersey City.  Janece went to the public Schools and graduated, with Honor, from Dickinson High School.  She attended Johns Hopkins University and studied pre-med, graduating Cum Laude.  Offered a number of venues for her talents, she opted for the Navy and took a commission as an ensign.  She continued her medical studies at Johns Hopkins and integrated them along with computer studies, feeling that this was the wave of the future.  Upon graduation from Medical School, she took her residency at Bethesda and was then assigned her first posting at the Norfolk Naval Base Hospital. 

Janece Young was recruited by Caitlin Crane for the Nelson, based on a meeting she had with her several years earlier at a computer conference.  The conference had featured leading edge medical technology and Janece had been a featured presenter.  She and Caitlin struck up a conversation and it had led to the development of a friendship.  Janece also had a long standing friendship with Will Jamison, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the Seaview, that began during her residency at Bethesda when he spent a sabbatical there as an interim department head just before his retirement.

When the Nelson was being planned, Young was contacted and she came on board, helping to design the Med Bay on the new boat and enabling state of the art technology to be installed and personnel to be trained to use it before the boat was even ready to sail.  In addition, she worked with Dr. Frank Lerner and Dr. Rachel Adams to bring the Institute's Medical Center to top standards.

Janece never married, considering her job her ‘marriage.’  She is a warm and caring person, but also believes that the Doctor, in this case CMO of the boat, sets the tone in the Sick Bay and with the crew.  She has heard the stories of the Command Crew of the Seaview and the strength of the boat in the face of fire, and expects that the tone of the Nelson's command staff will be much the same.

Through Caitlin Crane and Will Jamison, she had thorough familiarity with the Institute and its’ people before she arrived, and her willingness to share her expertise, particularly in the computer area was appreciated by all.  She is a firm believer in the 'chain of command' but also understands that on a boat like the Nelson, some rules are made to be broken.

Like Will Jamison on the Seaview, she expects to have her battles with the young crew of the Nelson.  Yet she also realizes, that if history is an indicator, the men and women of the Nelson will give their all to their missions, and leave it to the Medical Staff to try and make right in terns of their health.

Her areas of specialty are Trauma Medicine and computers, and she puts both to good use in the Sickbay of the Nelson.

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