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Rose el-Fayad
Mission Specialist


Rose is 5'8", with unique golden eyes and long, dark-brown curly, hair.  She is 30 years old, and until the day of the commissioning of the Nelson, unknown to her father, Admiral Lee Crane.

Rose was conceived as the result of a one night liaison that Lee Crane had with the Bedouin Princess, Aliysha el-Fayad.  Crane had been on a secret mission for ONI when he was wounded, and the princess, an underground leader, had rescued him.  He had been kept deeply drugged due to both his wounds and to the fact that he was being hunted by the leadership of the country.  He believed that the time he spent in Aliysha's arms had been a dream, a hallucination, brought about by the drugs.

Rose was raised as a princess in her tribe, and educated by both her mother and her mother's friend, and doctor, Omir.  Her education was broad, and she speaks five languages fluently.  When she reached 16, her mother reluctantly allowed her to move to Beirut and she began taking classes at the American University.

Her birth was known of by Michael Briggs, former director of the CIA (the Firm) because of her mother's connection to him and the underground.  Briggs made a friend of Aliysha and used the friendship to keep him abreast of her daughter's development.

At American University, Rose was befriended by two women from Michael Briggs’ 'Corps' and met him in person when he was on a trip there.  Hence, Rose is a trained agent with the Firm, having been recruited by Michael when she was 17.  She graduated from American University in Beirut with a degree in Engineering and is one of the elite 'Corps' of women that Briggs uses on his most important assignments.

She is assigned as the Firm's agent at the Institute and aboard the boat, to observe the investment that the organization has in the boat.  On the Nelson, she holds the position of Mission Specialist and is available for assignment, having training and being qualified as a diver, a pilot, and a cryptographer.

After meeting her father, Rose finds herself with conflicting loyalties, which can lead to some interesting scenarios.  Her half brother, Robert, does not completely trust her, nor does he like her.


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