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SSRN Harriman Nelson


The SSRN Harriman Nelson is a state of the art boat (submarine) - larger, sleeker and more powerful than her predecessor, the Seaview.  She is a product of years of development by the staff of the Nelson Institute of Marine Research.  She is named for the founder of the Institute, and the father of the boat’s Captain, the late Admiral Harriman Nelson. The boat is a design worked on by R. C. Crane, Caitlin Crane, and the designers at the Institute.

The SSRN Nelson:

Displacement: 7720 (surface); 8830(submerged)
Dimensions: Length - 456 feet; Beam 60 feet (at bow), draws 70 feet (at sail)
Shafts: 2  Propulsion: Nuclear ( cold fusion reactor)
Speed: 70 knots    Missiles: 16 experimental

Her entire bow is transparent Herculite IV, up to amidships. The Control Room lies forward, and the Observation Nose is in the bow forward of the Con, on ‘B’ Deck.  On ‘C’ Deck, below the Control Room, are the labs.  ‘A’ Deck, above the Control Room is the Officer’s Ward Room, and the Guest Dining Area. The decks are also made of transparent Herculite IV, so the activity on all the forward decks is visible to all.  To cover the boat’s presence in a time of battle or a time of necessary stealth, the Herculite IV takes on, by means of a small electrical charge, a darkened exterior similar to that of a one-way mirror. The crew can see out, but no one can see in.

The boat carries two flying submersibles, FS-7 and 8. These submersibles have a sleek form, similar to that of sharks.  They are berthed in the after quarter of the boat, under the Missile Room. They share the berthing with two to three mini-subs.  They are also constructed of Herculite IV, but their hulls have the ability to change coloring according to where they are being used.  Once airborne, they take on stealth capability by adapting to the surrounding coloration of the sky at the time.  In the water, they adapt further to take on the coloring of the surrounding waters.  They are powered by small cold fusion reactors, giving them a speed of 80 knots submerged and Mach Three when airborne.  They are flown by certified jet pilots, including the Captain and XO of the boat, several of the ratings, and the Ops officer.


Renderings of the SSRN Nelson, above and below, courtesy of Diego Campos



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