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Captain Sean Pearce Nelson
USNR (active), Captain of the SSRN Nelson


He is 6' tall, auburn hair, blue eyes, with a stocky build similar to his late father.  He is 33 years old and the only son of Harriman Nelson and his wife, Captain Karen Davis Nelson.

Sean is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD and, like his father before him, was the first in the class academically.  Unlike his father, he was also a gifted athlete, excelling in swimming and track.  He has taken many awards in both sports and has been Lee Crane's biggest supporter in Crane's fitness program for the crew of the boats and the Institute family as well. 

In addition, like his father, he has been given the designation 'genius' in many types of testing and is a member of Mensa.  His parents strove to keep his academic life as normal as possible.  He spent his school years in the 'gifted' track but without much of the fanfare that could have accompanied his abilities.  As a result, he grew up in a healthy, family oriented environment and his easy going and relaxed personality reflect that. 

He has a doctorate in Marine Electronics, a path he chose to study from an early age.  He was often seen, as a child, taking radios, speakers, monitors, and other electronic equipment apart, and to the distinct amusement of his parents, putting them back together again correctly. 

His chosen path of service was the Submarine Service, something that pleased and flattered his father to no end.  To his father’s chagrin though, he trained as an agent with ONI.  He also sought, and received, a pilot's license, enabling him to fly the flying submersibles of the Nelson.  In addition, he is a Dive Officer, like his parents before him. 

His status is active Naval Reserve.  He is the Captain of the SSRN Nelson, and his status at the Institute is the head of Ship's Stores.

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