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The Second Generation


Welcome to the Second Generation and continuation of the ‘new’ Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

In our original storyline, the ‘men of the boat’ had what normal, real submariners would have in their lives - wives, families, sweethearts, and all the trials and tribulations that go along with a ‘real’ life, on and off the boat.  In that vein, we now present the children, friends, and others that make up the ‘Next Generation’ (for want of a better term) of the Nelson Institute for Marine Research.  It is still populated by Cranes, Nelsons, Mortons and many other familiar names, as well as a new influx of crew.  There is now a new boat – the SSRN Harriman Nelson, a renewed vision, and new, exciting, and different adventures for the crew and families of the NIMR. 

As this storyline progresses, Sean Pearce Nelson, son of Admiral Harriman Nelson and Karen Davis Nelson, is a Naval Academy graduate who comes back to the NIMR at the request of the new director, Admiral Lee Crane, to head a new project - a new boat that is to be named after his late father.  Already guiding the project is Robert C. Crane (RC), Lee’s son by Cathy Connors, who is now the Director of Development at the Institute. He, in turn, is assisted by Alexandra Morton, Chip and Matty Weaver-Morton's oldest child, and Katherine Morton, their youngest.

Chip and Matty are now estranged from their son, Drew. Drew has left the Navy on the bequest of Michael Coldsmith Briggs, III, the now ex-Director of the CIA. Michael has a long history with the Institute, not a good one by the judgment of Seaview’s senior staff, that dates back to its beginnings.

You will meet Lee Crane’s other child, Rose, whose mother was Aliysha el Fayad. Her connection to the CIA, as well as to the Institute, will be revealed here.

There are members of the crew of the new boat, the SSRN Harriman Nelson, that will be introduced.  COB Hutch Rosen, Lt. Jamal Baker, Lt Cdr Jonathan Yellowhorse, Dr. Janece Young, Lt. Alicia Starke, Rating Seana Riley, Hannah Patterson, Walt Kowalski, and many others yet to be named.



As the Old Journey ends, begin the new…



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