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Shipwrecked (G)

Chip Morton is finally found after years on a deserted island!



Stories listed in the Daffron/Delaney "timeline" order


 Linda Delaney Jane Daffron Jane and Linda


SSRN Seaview



SSRN Harriman Nelson


Starlight, Starbright

A young Lee Crane reflects on his future shortly before he enters the Naval Academy

  To Everything There is a Season...  (G)

As one sailor's 'voyage' ends, new ones begin,

Different Beginnings

Chip Morton prepares for his entrance to the Naval Academy with help from his family

  Passing the Torch (GP)

The faces of the enemies may change, but the danger remains, and the next generation must continue the fight.


The first meeting of the new roommates at the Academy


  Fevers and Dreams (R-rated)

Sean Nelson, bitten by a brown spider, lies fevered and dangerously close to death. In his fevered dreams, he meets an ancestor, and is left to wonder what is real and what isn't.

Visions of Sugarplums  

When visions of sugarplums danced in middies heads, some weren't quite so pleasant...

  Slow on the Uptake (G) 

Like father, like son

The Beginning of the Fantasy (erotic)

The beginning of several story lines in our Voyage world. It begins the history of Lee Crane and Harriman Nelson serving together, for the first time, here aboard Nautilus as she nears decommissioning. It also details the beginning of a personal relationship for Lee that will endure all the years of his life.

  Dinner For Two (G)

Happy Valentine's Day! A surprising question is asked.

Cool Change (G)

Lee Crane finds that events are about to change his life

A Valentine Vignette (G)

Sean Nelson looks for a family heirloom and finds much more than that.


The Fantasy (erotic)

A brief erotic encounter for Lee and his lover.

Silence (GP) 

WHN for Mist of Silence, questions answered, explanations offered

Isle Petit Bijou (R - violence, language)  

There are dark secrets hidden in Petit Bijou, and Nelson and Crane discover the worst of them.

Ice (R)

Ice can be more dangerous than one can ever imagine.

Brothers (PG) 

Some ties run deeper than blood.

The Medal (G) 

Behind every gift, there is a story.

A Chance Meeting (G)

A chance encounter in a corridor of the Pentagon may lead elsewhere.

Deep Sea Dreams (PG)  

Where is the line between dreams and reality?

A Night in the SickBay (G)

Once again keeping watch, Chip Morton develops a different view of Sick Bay.


Musings on a Dark and Stormy Night (G)
a WHN for The Human Computer

What happens when the Captain is restricted to his quarters

The Saboteur, An Epilogue (R–rated) (Sequel to the episode)

Lee goes to Anne and tries to sort out his feelings about his brainwashing and actions, as well as Nelson's and the crew's.

The Prisoner  (G)

Lee and Chip find themselves in the middle of a coup in a foreign land, with disastrous results for both men.

Lani (NC-17, intense imagery) (Sequel to The Return of the Phantom, prequel to The Phantom, a sequel)

Krueger's legacy continues to haunt the Senior Staff of the Seaview, long after his possession of Crane ends.

The Phantom, a sequel (erotic) (sequel to the episode Return of the Phantom)

Lee returns to Anne, seeking her help with his feelings about his shooting by Nelson and his possession by the ghost of Gerhard Krueger.

Blind Man's Bluff (NC-17, intense imagery)

This simple child's game has terrifying consequences, for Crane, Nelson and Morton. This story also introduces Lee Crane’s beginning relationship with Cathy Connors, Nelson’s Executive Assistant.

Shades (G) (sequel to Haunted Submarine)

When injuries occur following damage to the boat, secrets and truths are  revealed with the help of a familiar shade.

The Camping Trip (G)

Chip and Lee are forced to take a vacation, but it's not what they planned, as their guide has abandoned them in the wild, leaving them to their own devices to find their way to safety.

If There be Demons (G)  

What's really wrong with the Skipper?

Leprechauns  (G)

A St. Patrick’s Day mission in the Irish Sea

A Moment in Time (G)

A conference in Colorado leads to changes on the boat, in Lee’s relationship with Cathy Connors, and a crisis on the boat.

A Renewal of Life (*Rated R*)

Admiral Nelson decides to build a special Deep Water Diving (DWD) team, and gains a new Diving Officer in Mission Specialist Captain Karen Davis. In addition, he also finds he's gotten more than he bargained for.

The Night Before Christmas (G)

A formal Christmas Eve dinner party provides an interesting experience for all involved, celebrating Karen Davis’ first Christmas at the Nelson Institute.

Be It Ever So Humble... (G)

Harriman learns the difference between a house and a home from an old friend.

The Mentor (G)

Nelson relishes his role as a mentor to a young protégé and ends up learning a lesson himself.

Self Doubt (G) 

Vulnerabilities are easy to hide behind a mask.

Reality Check (*PG-13*)

Two people have to deal with the ramifications of the choices they make.

A Time to Love, A Time to Die (PG –13, graphic imagery)

Recently wed, Lee Crane has to leave on a highly dangerous mission. At the Institute, Cathy discovers she's expecting as Crane tries to infiltrate a group of traitors to save the boat and the government.

Changes (G)

The People's Republic arranges an accident to prevent Crane taking a defector out of their control. In spite of the fact that Cathy is killed in the accident but Crane still goes on the mission in this compelling tale.

The Fantasy-After Changes (NC-17)

Driven by pain, guilt and grief, Lee seeks solace in the companionship of Anne, a lover and friend years earlier.

Danger, Gamma is Loose (G)

The first of the Gamma series. Gamma has, with the help of several third world countries, launched rockets that may discharge and envelope the globe with an electromagnetic field. He plans to take over Seaview in order to launch the final missile to activate the field. (Story introduces Matty Weaver)

The Price of Friendship (*PG-13-graphic violence)

What price is friendship? Dr. Gamma has captured Nelson and Morton. He then proceeds to torture Chip Morton in an effort to make Nelson crack. Desiring to rescue his friends, Crane is ordered by the President not to attempt a rescue. He disobeys and risks his career and much more. (Matty Weaver appears in this story)

Court Martial (*Sequel to The Price of Friendship) (G)

Crane is court-martialed for his offense of disobedience of Executive Orders. While Morton and Nelson have been established in Ocean View Sanitarium to facilitate their recovery,  Matty Weaver enlists the aid of a friend, JAG lawyer Captain Sandra Murray, to represent Lee.

Revelations (erotic)

Chip Morton's recovery from his treatment by Dr. Gamma leads to the story of his courtship and wedding to Matty Weaver.

Surprise! *PG-graphic violence*

Gamma's sergeant, having escaped from custody during Crane’s Court Martial, seeks revenge on Chip and Matty as they celebrate special news in a mountain cabin.

The Arrival (G)

The Mortons welcome a new arrival, but complications ensue, drawing the family of the Institute closer together.

It was a Dark and Stormy Night (G)

A brainwashed Captain Crane sabotages FS1, causing Morton to crash in her. Both men must then deal with their actions, the results and each other's recoveries from the event.

Confessions (PG-13- for violent content)

Capt. Davis returns to the Institute after her near-fatal injury, renewing her relationship with Nelson. But one day he has to remove her as head of the team and her dilemma is exacerbated when Nelson is kidnapped!

The Day After the Night Before (G)

Jiggs Stark becomes the first to learn of the depth of the relationship between Nelson and Karen Davis.

A Little Romance (G)

Sometimes all one needs is the right place, the right music, and romance will follow.

Reflections (* PG13)

Nelson decides to take a mountain vacation with his fiancée; however, things don't go according to plan.

Days of Wine and... (G)

When Lee is injured in a simple accident; Chip volunteers to take on a simple ONI mission-in wine country! Oh if only he knew!

The Jungle (PG-13)

Lee and Chip are captured by insurgents in South America, and imprisoned in a slave-labor mine, while Nelson fights bureaucrats to free them.

Now and Forever * (R rating)

The Institute and others witness an event that some thought would never take place.

Ghosts of the Past (R rating) 

Nelson must confront old fears and new challenges as he races to rescue the crew of a downed submarine.

Time in a Bottle (GP-13 Language) 

Truths about Harriman Nelson and the beginnings of the Institute are revealed as an unusual friendship is explored and explained.

Karen's Fantasy  (erotic)

The Admiral discovers his bride has a side he was not aware of.

A Special Surprise (erotic) 

Turnabout becomes fair play.

Sea Angel (PG-13)

Seaview takes part in an operation to find and eradicate an undersea drug lab run by a Colombian drug cartel. Nelson faces an unexpected event.

Nobody Oughta' Be Alone On Christmas (PG-13)

Everyone is happy about the holidays but Lee Crane. The closeness of several relationships is examined in this Holiday Tale.

Dreamweaver (G) 

Reflections on the beginning of 'the dream.'

Christmas Memories, old and new  (G)

On his son's first Christmas, Nelson takes time to reflect and remember.

Milk Bone (G)

Nelson learns about bouncing a baby - the hard way!

In Another Time or Place (erotic)

Lee is assigned a mission in a Mid-Eastern country. While the mission is successful, but he is seriously wounded.  He's rescued by a Bedouin princess who cares for him until a rescue can be arranged.

A Christmas Present (G)

A special moment in the lives of the senior staff and their families.

A Question of Honor (PG-13)

Chip Morton commits an act of treason, is tried, convicted and sentenced to death. Capt. Sandra Murray returns as defense counsel in a tale of love and sacrifice.

A Transformation (G)

Simple things become extraordinary event in the lives of the command staff.

A Right Jolly Old Elf (G)

Christmas brings a few surprises!

Believe (G)   

What if you didn't Believe?

Things That Go Bump In The Night (G)
*in collaboration with Barbara Paul

This is why there are locks on bedroom doors!

A Test of Wills (G)

Robert Crane doesn't want to meet the newest member of the command staff's family, but the little boy is in for a surprise, as are the rest of the members of the ‘family.'

The Kiss (G)

When is a simple kiss not so simple?

On the Beach (G)

A pleasant afternoon’s activity on the beach brings about an unexpected reaction.

Some Enchanted Evening (G)

The date made in On the Beach takes some interesting turns...

Tests  (R-rated -* graphic imagery)

Aboard the Seaview, a disguised Dr. Gamma makes plans to test Nelson and the command staff yet again with one of his schemes. Unbeknownst to all, Crane is the intended victim.

A Time to Heal (*sequel to Tests*) (erotic)

Lee’s long road to recovery seems as if it will never end. He makes some discoveries about himself, others and his relationships along his route.

Valentine (G)

A vignette of Valentines

Rainbows and Pots of Gold (PG-13)

There’s more than one way to tell a child’s tale. Harriman Nelson discovers long suppressed memories with the telling of the tale

Portents of Things to Come (erotic/graphic violent imagery)

The intense, graphic tale of what really happened on the Enchanted Island in Ballydonegan Bay, that is alluded to in Rainbows and Pots of Gold.

Once Upon an Easter Sunday (G) 

Even church is an adventure.

The Hunt (G)

A seasonal event in the lives of the senior staff's children, with circumstances that will impact all their futures.

Mother's Day (G)

A vignette many can relate to!

Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble...  (GP)   

A sinister 'shade' make an unforeseen and unwelcome return.

The Captain's Quarters (PG-13)

Here’s a question…What would you do if you found your daughter and 'son' in bed together in 'your' hotel room? Harriman Nelson finds out, and the resulting situation leads to interesting revelations.

For This We Give Thanks... 

This Thanksgiving is more special this time around...

The Best Laid Plans (G)

The Wedding is planned, all parts in place. However, the Bridegroom is missing and no one knows where he is or if he will be coming home.

Revels (erotic) 

For Lee and Caitlin, the honeymoon begins, while others find time for more self-discoveries.

The Christmas Story (G)

Christmas Eve with the Mortons, leads to the telling of a very special story.

Treat or Trick  (G)

The senior staff's children have an unexpected Halloween adventure.

Stu and Kara (Erotic)  

A meeting on the beach has consequences for Stu Riley


A Captain's Interlude (erotic)

Lee and Caitlin take a weekend away from their very busy lives, and each reveals things to one another that neither knew.

Harsh Realities (PG-13 graphic imagery)

The Computer Building is badly damaged in an explosion at the Institute. Caitlin Crane is one of the many victims in the tragedy; now it's Lee's turn to keep bedside vigil while he hopes and prays for the best.

Nelson, It's A Hopeless Task (PG-13)

Lee and Robert go missing. A note reveals that they’ve been kidnapped, but the message is quite clear, time is running out, and no one knows where they are being held.

The Predator (NC-17/graphic violent sexual imagery)

The story of a horrific attack and the healing that follows that binds a family together.

The Letter (GP)  

An old letter leads to questions and answers.

Secrets (*sequel to The Predator*) (G)

Robert Crane is seriously injured in an accident. The secrets that have been kept for years are revealed with devastating consequences for some.

A Last Promise (GP) 

Friendship is the tie that binds.

Alone (G)

A loved one’s passing is almost too hard to bear.

Regrets (G)

Legacies are left for the living.

A Love Affair To Remember (G)

Very moving glimpse of true love intertwined with memories.

The Curse (GP-13) 

The final story in the 'Rainbows' trilogy.  A long ago curse on Harriman Nelson and his family is finally fulfilled.

The Fantasy, A Later Time (G)

In the last years of his life, Lee returns to Anne, the woman who has always been there for him.

Endings (G)

This word does not say it all.

The Fantasy, A Conclusion (G)

The end of the story.


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