Cool Change


Linda Delaney



The Little River Band


If there's one thing in my life that's missing

It's the time that I spend alone

Sailing on the cool and bright clear water

Lots of those friendly people

And they're showing me ways to go

And I never want to lose their inspiration


Time for a cool change

And I know its time for a cool change

And now that my life is so rearranged

I know its time for a cool change


Well I was born in the sign of water

And its there that I feel my best

The albatross and the whales they are my brothers.

It's a kind of a special feeling,

When you're out on the sea alone

Staring at the full moon like a lover.


Time for …..reprise


I've never been a romantic

And sometimes I don't care

I know it may sound selfish

But let me breathe the air

Let me breathe the air

Then repeat the verses 1,2


It's time, its' time, its time

It's time, it's time, it's time

For a cool change

Oooooh, I know its time for a cool change

Cool cool change

Now that my life's so prearranged

Well, I know, I know, I know, I know

That its time for a cool change

Yes, yes it is, yes it is, yes it is

It's time for a cool change.



He stood quietly, looking at the orders in his hand. He could hardly believe his good/bad luck. He was being transferred, immediately and temporarily, to the SSRN Seaview.


`The Seaview!! The Admiral's Boat!! Chip's Boat!!" his excitement was tempered by the knowledge that he would be leaving his crew, his boat, for a temporary assignment… He clicked on the small mic at the desk in his quarters, "Mr. Ridgely, please report to my cabin, ASAP! Mr. McQueeney, you have the con!"


"Right away, Skipper!" came the tinny reply on the small, round loudspeaker over the door.


"Aye, aye, Sir!" came a second.


Lee looked around at the tiny cabin that was his by right of command of his boat.  `My boat! My command! I've a good crew, good to a man, and good officers, so why am I not disturbed leaving her, even for a short time? Because it's the Admiral's boat! It's THE Seaview! My God, the Seaview!'.


He was sitting at the tiny, fold out desk, when his XO, Bob Ridgely knocked on the coming, "Skipper?"


"Come on in, Bob. Have a seat." He nodded to the rack. Ridgely sat down, and waited.


"What's up, Skip?"


"She's yours, at least temporarily."




"The Boat, she's yours. I've been temporarily reassigned. We've got to get to these coordinates by 1950. I'm being picked up, and transported from there. Helio pick up."


"Geez, Lee, that's a hell of a note! Why?"


"Right now, need-to-know, and they seem to feel I don't need to know. So I'm to pack my duffel and be ready!"


"What'll we tell the crew?"


"What they need-to-know. You're the Skipper, until I get back."


"Geez!" Ridgely shook his head in disbelief, "I don't know what to say. We've been together for what, ten months? The men like and respect you. This isn't going to set well."

"Bob, you and I both know it doesn't have to. We take orders, and do what we have to do. The right thing, you know."


"Sure, but there isn't even enough time to give you a proper send off."

Lee grinned at his Exec. "I'm planning on coming back, Bob. No need for a send off. This `lady' will take care of her crew and officers til I come back.  She's a good boat."


Ridgely nodded, "Still, the men and the juniors aren't going to feel right if…"

He looked at his watch, "I've three hours. I'll be packed in about 20 minutes, and I intend to see everyone. Don't worry… now, why don't you move in here, and give Kane some room in that cramped cabin you share?"


"If you'll be back, then why…?"


"Cause you're the Captain, that's why… Even if it's a temporary billet, she's still your boat, til I come back or you get a new one…"


Lee stood, extended a hand to Ridgely, "Take good care of her, and the men, Bob. They're yours until further notice." The two men shook hands, then Lee said, "I'll be packed in twenty, and I'll announce it to the men, and see them before I go. You get me to the rendezvous." 


Knowing full well that the protocol on a boat disdained saluting, Ridgely still snapped into a full attention, and gave Crane a snappy salute, that moved Lee greatly.


"Thank you, Bob. I appreciate that more than you know. Good luck, Skipper!"


"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lee. I appreciate that." He turned and went out into the corridor.  Lee reached for his duffel, which was stowed under his rack. He looked around the cabin, and began to take his few belongings and pack them, along with his uniforms and the rest of his few things.


Some twenty minutes later, the loudspeaker crackled over the entire boat. "Attention, all hands, this is the Captain. I want all of you men to know that I have been temporarily reassigned. As of 1950, we will be surfacing so that I can be retrieved by a helicopter and taken to my assignment. I want you to know that I am honored to have served with you all thus far. I hope to return to you when this assignment is over. Either way, I ask you to give your acting captain, Mr. Ridgely all the cooperation and respect that you have given me."


If a boat could issue an audible gasp, the USS Seahorse did just that. To a man, officer and enlisted alike were stunned. Why would their Skipper get reassigned? Why take him for `Temporary Duty?'  The men had more questions than they had answers for, but as the crew that they were, they took their Captain's word, and prepared to serve new Captain, fortunately, the Exec. Knowing, as they did, they had nothing to do but accept the change; they continued to work at their stations and waited to reach the site of debarkation for their Captain.


Cdr. Lee Crane, Captain of the USS Seahorse made a final tour of the boat, as she raced to the site where he was to be taken by helicopter from his boat to his new assignment.


Even though Lee was told in the orders that he was on `temporary assignment' he felt he had to see all of his men, `just in case'. His personal radar, attuned to some inner, mystical sense, told him that he should do this. He didn't know if he was being told that he was going to be permanently reassigned, or that something `worse' was in the offing. He just knew he had to take proper leave of his crew, and his boat. And that he did, to a man. He sought out each and every rating, non-com and officer and shook their hand and said goodbye. When he was done, he had less than ten minutes to wait to the pick-up. His boat had made the position in record time, and was simply waiting for the word to surface.


Lee refrained from checking the plot table a final time, and stood near the ladder to the sail, waiting for the boat to surface. The Control Room crew and officers moved with quiet efficiency to bring the boat to the surface and prepare her to gently break through the glassine cover the ocean wore, and rest, awaiting the helicopter.


The Con became a center of activity as the boat surfaced, contact was made with the helicopter, and the deck crew scurried up the ladder to the sail, to make preparation for the transfer. Lee put one hand on the ladder, as Ridgely came forward.


"Copter's above us, and waiting, Captain."


Lee smiled, "Thanks again, Bob. Take good care of her."


"Yessir, I will. Good Luck!"


"Somehow, I think I'll need it!" He grinned, and saluted, and then climbed the ladder, with a final look down as he hit the last rung. He turned, and the deck crew was waiting with the harness and life jacket from the `copter. They helped him into the jacket, then the harness, handing him his cover, and duffle, and saluting him as he was lifted to the hovering craft above him.


He watched, as he was being lifted, as the deck crew secured the sail, and as the boat, `his' boat, slid effortlessly beneath the gentle waves. He turned his eyes to the `copter, and the men leaning slightly out to help him in, and waited, patiently to arrive, surveying the sea and the sky, and thinking about the change that was, once again about to take place in his life.


He was pulled into the cabin of the helicopter, and as he unharnessed, looked at the faces in the cabin, one of them, familiar, saying, "Welcome aboard, Commander. Here are your orders for the Seaview…"




Time for a cool change

And I know its time for a cool change

And now that my life is so rearranged

I know its time for a cool change









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